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  • All About Plastic Surgery Consider this before you think about having a Plastic Surgery Procedure.

    A person should never be evaluated by appearances. Outer beauty is only a complement to the internal.

    The decision to undergo a cosmetic surgical procedure should be solely on the patient.

    Today‘s society constantly pressed individuals, forcing them to adapt to preset physical, intellectual, and cultural canons. In …

  • Laser hair removal and red vein treatment – Mayo Advertiser
    Mayo Advertiser, November 30, 2012.
    Laser hair removal is where an area of hair on the body or face is treated with a laser beam—it is an intensively concentrated beam of light.
    Laser hair removal works really effectively on darker hairs to stop hair growth. Many different areas can be treated and a patch test and consultation …
  • Calgary Laser Hair Removal Clinic Adds Weight Loss Program To Roster Of … – PR Web (press release)
    (PRWEB) November 21, 2012
    When V Medi-Spa began its primary focus was laser hair removal and Botox treatments. These were the two staple offerings around which the rest of the business was built. To this day, the spa is primarily identifiable as a place to get Botox treatments, laser hair removal sessions, and a variety of …
  • Unwanted Hair Becomes Thing of the Past as Ideal Image Opens in Albany. – PR Web (press release)
    Tampa, FL (PRWEB) November 13, 2012
    Ideal Image, a leading national provider of laser hair removal services, is set to open its newest location in Albany, New York. This brings the total number of Ideal Image locations to 96 across 29 states. All Ideal Image locations are dedicated to providing the latest, safest and best laser …
  • Dr. Leo Capobianco With Allure Cosmetic Laser Center Now Offers Laser Hair … –
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  • Woman gets self-confidence back after laser hair removal – Private Healthcare UK
    A mum-of-three from the Canadian city of Calgary has spoken about how having laser hair surgery helped to transform her life.
    Danielle, who is in her early 30s, began to suffer from excessive hair growth on her face after giving birth to her first child. The situation got worse after having two more children and she …
  • Increase in grooms opting for laser hair removal ahead of their big day – Private Healthcare UK
    While it is common for brides to have beauty treatments before their big day, it seems a growing number of grooms are also opting for non-surgical procedures to ensure they look the best when they walk down the aisle.
    Dr Sangeeta Amladi, head of medical services at Kaya Skin Clinic in India, explained that laser hair …
  • For looks that could kill – Times of India


    LUDHIANA: ‘She has looks that could kill!’ That popular compliment has a new connotation. Once considered taboo in India, cosmetic surgeries have now become ‘just another visit to the parlour’. And Ludhianavis surely have the money to splurge on it.
    Clearly, people today want to look as good as they feel, and are willing to invest …

  • Laser hair removal tops the ‘want list’ for young women – Private Healthcare UK
    Research has revealed laser hair removal is top of the list for women who want to undergo cosmetic surgery.
    In an article for the Daily Mail, novelist Nicholas Coleridge claimed British females are becoming increasingly obsessed with “extreme grooming” and the way they look.
    He pointed out that research shows 60 per cent of people aged between …
  • Only $99 for Six Laser Hair-Removal Sessions, up to $600 value at the Padda … –
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