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Hair Transplant

Miami Hair Transplant

At Pure Restorations, we understand that every hair loss experience is different. That’s why we provide personalized care with passion, knowledge, and respect. Our recommendations are based upon a thorough analysis of your unique situation. Then we apply both artistry and evidence-based medicine, using timeless aesthetic principles alongside the latest technology and state of the art techniques. The result is painless, natural looking hair restoration.

Our experienced Miami Hair Transplant Doctors and the staff at Pure Restorations approach every patient with empathy, compassion, and the competence born of experience. Our Hair Transplant Surgeons are board-certified and have specialized in hair restoration surgery in both men and women for 15+ years. More than just a surgeons, they are artists whose medium is the hair and scalp.

About Hair Loss

Both men and women lose hair as they age. By the age of 30, nearly 1 in 3 people has significant hair loss. That number increases to nearly half of all people by age 50. Hair loss can be treated surgically or non-surgically.

What Causes Hair Loss?
Hair loss can have many potential causes. Hair loss may be hereditary, related to disease or to physical stress, or related to the biological changes that accompany aging. In some cases, medications, hair styling methods, or cosmetics can result in hair loss. For a few people, the cause of their hair loss is unknown.

About Hair Restoration surgery
Hair restoration surgery (sometimes referred to as a hair transplant) is a subspecialty in the wide cosmetic surgery world. In hair restoration surgery, hair is moved from the back and sides of the head to the top of the scalp. There are nearly 80,000 hair restoration procedures performed each year in the United States. While most of those procedures are done in men, about 15% are done in women.

Hair restoration surgery is often used alongside non-surgical hair restoration, such as topical Minoxidil, oral finasteride or low level laser therapy. Non-surgical hair restoration methods tend to have very limited outcomes. If surgical hair restoration is not an option, non-surgical methods may be used on their own.

Aesthetic elements in Hair Restoration
Hair is a social symbol of beauty, vitality and youth. It is also an anthropological symbol of professional, religious and social status. For these reasons, it’s important to achieve a natural look with hair replacement. Achieving such naturalness depends on many factors, including:

• The amount and density of hair in the donor area
• Hair color shape and texture
• Extent of hair loss, planning the amount of grafts needed to cover the bald area
• Skill and artistry of the surgeon

Miami Hair Transplant